Would You Like Me To Generate Appointments For Your Services Using Facebook Ads, For Free?

Dear Friend,

If you're struggling to generate appointments in your business with predictability every single month like clockwork then this free Facebook Ads trial is for you.

Here's the deal.

At the moment I am offering to run FREE Facebook Ad campaigns for selected businesses. 

All you need to do is pay for the ad spend and my hard costs and that's it. I won't charge you a dollar for my time. 

Here Is What I'll Do For You, For Free

1. I'll get your Facebook Ad account set up. All you need to do is create the account and then give me Advertiser access to get everything set up properly for you. This includes me setting up Facebook's ad tracking pixel on your website, creating your Facebook page (if you don't have one), and making sure everything is set up to be compliant with Facebook Ad guidelines.

2. I'll conduct in-depth target audience research for your business. I'll work out in detail who your ideal customers or clients are, what their big problems are, and I'll find them for you on Facebook. I'll also set up custom audiences and conversions for you.

3. I’ll map out and build a simple online funnel for you customised for Facebook. This includes me building customised landing pages for you and any other relevant web pages as part of your funnel. I'll also write and set up your email follow up sequence, including uploading it into your email marketing CRM for you. 

4. Lastly, I'll create your ads for you. I'll handle all the ad creative from the imagery and the copywriting. You'll get multiple ads for your campaign so we can see what ads are performing and what one's aren't. Furthermore, I'll track the ads performance in a shared Google Sheet so you can also see everything I'm doing.

Why Is This For Free?

I know what you’re thinking, “Leigh, this sounds way too good to be true, how can this be for free?”

In the name of full transparency, this is one way I get Facebook Ads clients.

And if you become a full paying client of mine after this trial ends then my monthly retainer fee for this ongoing service is $1500USD per month. However, if you do become a client, there is no lock in contract and you're free to leave whenever you like.

Furthermore, rather than me try and tell about how amazing I am and 'convince' you that Facebook can help you grow your business, I'd rather just do it for you, for free, and let the value of that free work speak for itself.

I Can't Help Everyone

Everyone says this, I know, but I'm not willing to let everyone take me up on this offer.

While it's a free trial, you need to apply for it and I won't accept trials unless an application is filled out.

I have learn't the hard way in business about making sure that every client or potential client is a good fit and an application process is how I ensure this.

Here's Who I Can Help

The following businesses are most suitable for this offer:

  • Service based businesses - coaches, consultants, and professional service firms
  • You have a budget for paid traffic (MIN of $500USD per month)
  • You're already spending money on marketing and advertising each month
  • You understand the importance of marketing and paid advertising to build a successful business (if you need to be educated on why this is important then this isn't a good fit for you)

Time Is A Factor

I know everyone says their offer is limited to boost sales but mine really is.

The facts are I can't work with too many businesses at once due to the time commitment involved with getting these Facebook Ad accounts and campaigns set up properly.

So I am limiting this to 5 chosen businesses per month. Once that 5 quota is filled, I'm shutting this down until the next month or whenever I see fit to run this offer again.

If you're interested in having me run a FREE Facebook Ads campaign for you then fill out the form below and you'll get more details.

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